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Job Description

Primary Purpose:

Co-Captains perform the duties of Second-in-Command and are responsible for the safe operation of Norfolk Southern aircraft. The Co-Captain may act as pilot flying as directed by the Pilot-in-Command. Operates the company aircraft as called upon, providing safe, reliable, and efficient air transportation within established Company policies and government regulations.


Principal Duties:

Works with Norfolk Southern to maintain a culture of safety with efficient procedures that support customer service.
Functionally responsible to the Pilot-in-Command of the flight for the conduct and execution of assigned duties in accordance with all Federal, State, and local airport rules and regulations.
Performs duties as assigned during flight preparation and in-flight.
Assist Pilot-in-Command with the operation and flight of the aircraft.
Familiar with and follows all FAA Regulations and Norfolk Southern Policies and SOPs pertinent to assigned duties.
Prepared to assume inflight duties if the Pilot-in-Command becomes incapacitated.
Assist with aircraft preflight, records, and flight documents as required.
Responsible for passenger service and assistance to assure their safety and comfort, including catering, stocking, baggage handling, and safety briefings.

Job Related Experience:

Minimum Level: 3-5 years
Preferred Level: 6-10 years


Preferred Level: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
Preferred Majors: None listed
Licenses / Certifications:
Required:1500 hours Total Time, ATP CTP completed. FAA First Class Medical.
Preferred: 500 hours multi-engine turbine.

Technical Skills:

MS Word/Word Processing
MS Outlook
Up-to-date technical job knowledge in aircraft systems, avionics, air traffic control, FARs, and navigation tools.

Future Jobs:

Captain Pilot, Chief Pilot

Work Conditions

Environment: Outdoor/Field
Shift Work: Yes
On-Call: Yes
Weekend Work: Yes
Travel Required: OVER 15 Days per Month/Average 8 Overnights

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