1-on-1 Military Test Prep


  • 90 minutes of dedicated military test preparation
  • Access to AFOQT Test Prep eCourse
  • Full set of AFOQT, ASTB-E/OAR, SIFT practice tests


Are you preparing for the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT), the Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB-E)/Officer Aptitude Rating (OAR), or the Selection Instrument for Flight Training (SIFT) test?

In the competitive landscape of military pilot applications, your entry test scores are a huge part of determining your chances.   You only get one or two chances to knock these tests out of the park, so working with an expert to help maximize your scores provides a significant tactical advantage.

Choose this to receive 90 minutes of dedicated military test preparation. This session includes detailed test-taking tips, tricks, tutoring, and helpful techniques for every section of the test that you are taking and a full set of practice test sections for that test.


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