Military/FAA Medical Consultation

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  • 45 min Video Call
  • Get Answers to Your Medical Questions and Concerns
  • Ensure There Are No Problematic Medical Issues Prior to Taking a Military/FAA Flight Physical
  • Tailored Strategy for How to Handle the Medical Waiver Process

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Do you have a medical condition that you’re concerned will act as a barrier to obtaining your Air Force Initial Flying Class I physical? Are you currently in the military and have a medical issue that could make you DNIF (duties not involving flying)? Are you concerned with anything you believe could impact your FAA medical clearance as you start your pilot training journey or consider joining an airline?   

If you answered yes, then a 45-minute medical consultation with BogiDope’s Aeromedical division is the perfect way to alleviate these concerns (even if “just asking for a friend”).   Our aeromedical professionals offer extensive experience and knowledge with military & FAA aviation medical requirements as well as the inner workings of medical waivers.  

All calls are 100% confidential and independent of the Air Force or FAA.

Knowing what the Air Force and FAA care about with your medical paperwork could save you from making a critical error that prevents you from starting a multi-million dollar aviation career!  Schedule your confidential call today.

Note: This is a consultation from a medical professional for the purposes of discussing the medical screening process and/or how a medical issue could affect your military/FAA medical clearance.  If you seek medical advice or treatment, please contact your personal doctor.

How the Military/FAA Medical Consultation Works:

  1. Purchase the Military/FAA Medical Consultation Here
  2. Schedule the Consultant/Date/Time of Your Choosing
  3. Review Your Medical Questions/Concerns With an Experienced Aeromedical Professional on a 45′ Video Call
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 if Additional Consultations Are Desired

33 reviews for Military/FAA Medical Consultation

  1. End of Session Survey Response

    Dr. Althoff was very helpful, knowledgeable, and nice. Was exactly what I needed at this step in my aviation journey. Thanks again, Dr. Althoff.

  2. End of Session Survey Response

    This is honestly an amazing service, and gave me a clear path forward as I navigate any potential hurdles.

    Hollywood was legitimately a pleasure to talk with as he was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. But, on top of his medical expertise, he also shared a considerable amount with me about life in the ANG, and what to expect and what I can (hopefully) look forward to with this career.

  3. Skip

    Thank you to Frances and the BogiDope team! The consultation was more then I could have asked for. Issues and concerns were addressed thouroughly. Insight was provided and easing. Frances brings so much knowledge and experience to the conversation. I highly recommned the consulation for anyone looking to fly in the Army who is stressed about the medical process, has questions about the process, or needs to run concerns by a highly professional individual.

  4. End of Session Survey Response

    Really appreciated how positive and friendly Frances was, and how prepared she was, having read my medical reports prior to our meeting. Also appreciated her being realistic about challenges in passing a flight physical in my particular case and her experience at MEPs and what to expect. Wish I could provide something helpful to say for improvement but I wouldn’t change anything.

  5. End of Session Survey Response

    Frances Burress was incredibly helpful, she took her time to answer all my questions and made sure that I was well informed. I had stated my question in the notes section when I booked the meeting and she was well prepared and ready for the meeting, I would recommend her to anyone.

  6. Midge

    I recently had the privilege of meeting with Frances “Tigger” Burress, and I can not express enough how grateful I am for the exceptional insight provided. Major Burress’s expertise and attention to detail was evident from the moment I hopped on the zoom call. She gave me advising on my current medical hurdles and even brought some things up that I would not have considered. All and all, she helped me be as prepared as I can be at this stage in my application process. I will definitely be seeking advising from Major Burress in the future as I get closer to submitting my medical documents. I can wholeheartedly recommend medical consultation with professionals like Major Burress through BogiDope. Her kindness, expertise, and unwavering dedication to patient care are qualities that truly set her apart. I am profoundly grateful for her help during a critical moment in my life.

  7. End of Session Survey Response

    Tigger and the consultation was exactly what we needed. She was awesome just like all of the other reviews. This service from BogiDope is the only one of its kind. I have a teenage son and we are doing our due diligence to make sure we understand the medical process and be able to address previous doctors visits and procedures etc. It was priceless learning the system used for medical records request and the forms used in the process. This would help anyone ensure there isn’t something that can cause a problem. Thanks again Tigger and BogiDope!

  8. End of Session Survey Response

    I just wanted to say that Tigger has been SO helpful throughout this process. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all our meetings!

  9. End of Session Survey Response

    Frances was very professional but also personable. Her knowledge was outstanding and was very helpful. The information she provided was truly priceless. I would recommend this consultation to anyone that has any doubts about their current health or past history and are looking to join!

  10. End of Session Survey Response

    This service is awesome and I’m thankful I found it. I got answers to medical questions I couldn’t find anywhere. Tigger was awesome and took a lot of time talking about every question I had and went over and above to explain everything thoroughly. I’d recommend this to anyone pursuing a career flying in the military.

  11. NP

    Tigger was awesome! She answered questions I’ve been trying to find answers to for months. She is very knowledgeable and you can tell she cares about your success and future in the military. She went over and above to talk about everything I asked and explained it in great detail.

    I would recommend this consultation to anyone who thinks they might have an issue at MEPS or Wright-Patterson. It’ll give you a peace of mind knowing which things will or will not require a waiver, and then knowing the appropriate steps it will take to start the process of getting them approved.

  12. Adam

    Frances “Tigger” Burress was great. extremely informative, knew all the right steps and how to go to the next step. I HIGHLY recommend doing a consult if there are any sort of medical concerns. She even talked for 5-10 minutes after our appointment was technically over because she genuinely wants to help people achieve their goals of flying for guard or reserves. once again, I HIGHLY recommend.

  13. Matt

    Frances “Tigger” Burress was fantastic! She was very helpful with advice and answered all of my questions. I really appreciated her help and highly recommend this to anyone with medical concerns.

  14. End of Session Survey Response

    I had some questions that I could not find the answer for anywhere and I was given the answer for them easily and clearly too, very glad I consulted with BogiDope!

  15. End of Session Survey Response

    Life would be a lot easier if we all had an aunt who knew everything. Sadly, most of us don’t, but we do have a Tigger, and rather than once a year at Thanksgiving, she’s available right now on

    As a prospective aviator who had a medical kerfuffle of the rarest sort, Francis “Tigger” Burress made me feel like my business was her business. Not to get her in trouble, but she spent well beyond the time allotted, and gave me the kind of direction that would make a compass useless.

    But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers, is that Francis is the only one.

  16. Luminda

    Frances “Tigger” Burress was amazing, straightforward and reassuring all at the same time. Her insight was invaluable to me. Highly recommend for anyone with any doubts about anything medical related!

  17. Jarin

    Frances Burress knows her stuff! She is extremely knowledgeable and easily clears out all those doubts and questions while being very honest and realistic. No unrealistic expectations from her, just all the help and insight you could ask for!

  18. End of Session Survey Response

    Ms. Burress was outstanding! This was my second appointment with her (first was for ifc, this one for when I show up to my upt base) and it was a great experience

  19. End of Session Survey Response

    I have done two sessions with Ms. Burress and each one has been an outstanding experience. She was prepared to cover all the topics I listed ahead of the sessions in addition to ones that popped up during the consultation. If you are having any stress at all about your IFC/PHA/medical exam, this can help get you the answers you need to help alleviate said stress and prep for the medicals. It is more than worth it!

  20. End of Session Survey Response

    I was blown away by the detailed info I received. I’ve spent a fair amount of time googling pieces of info regarding medical specifics for this process but you don’t know what you don’t know. Having someone who is so experienced AND can look up specific conditions in the current Air Force medical standards during the session is game changer. I never fully trusted recruiters answers regarding specific medical issues, especially related to flying physicals, just because it is not their area of expertise and they want you to sign up regardless. But now I feel like I am equipped with the proper knowledge to move forward in the process and properly manage my expectations. I’m sure I will be back for a follow up consultation!

    $129 for 30 minutes seems high to me mainly because you can’t address all concerns in that time. Overall I am very satisfied with the value but that is because Frances stayed on the call for much longer. I think a fair price would be like $150 for an hour (or 50 minute) consultation. That’s on par with an out of pocket session with a therapist in most places .

    So glad I found you guys! I found out about you through the episode of the Afterburner Podcast featuring Slap.

  21. End of Session Survey Response

    Frances is a breath of knowledge and can find the right answer quickly

  22. End of Session Survey Response

    Tigger was very kind and helpful and was extremely knowledgeable about the medical process. She helped me plan out my next steps in the medical process.

  23. End of Session Survey Response

    I cannot stress how amazing Frances was during the consultation, I got both great information and a lot of personal advice that really set me at ease with this process. I got an email reach out from Frances before the appointment, I was able to share notes to help speed up the appointment and it made the consultation very easy!

    Frances helped guide me through some of the documentation I would need to fill out for MEPS and any supplemental documentation I should have on hand and read through before the process. I got a great rundown of the difference between MEPS and the medical screening at Wright-Patterson for aviators. The notes I was able to get from the consultation were well-detailed and I feel a lot more confident with the process.

    I think pricing is reasonable, the other websites I have seen for similar consultation are slightly higher priced than this ($150 for GoFlightMed), although I have not tried other consultations I think the information I got was well worth it.

  24. End of Session Survey Response

    I greatly appreciated that Frances was able to view pertinent comments found in my summary prior to the meeting. This was accomplished through email, and allowed for an immediate meaningful discussion and uncomplicated determination of next steps.

    The discussion provides great insight on the process: medical requirements, how to prepare, and what must be done next for the most successful result. While you may discover you have a laborious task ahead, you are better prepared not only through feeling a greater sense of knowledge and confidence but also understanding what must be effectuated to make your aviation goals materialize. If I need another meeting for more insight along the process, I will undoubtedly use the service again.

  25. End of Session Survey Response

    Tigger is awesome!

  26. End of Session Survey Response

    Tigger was so helpful and patient. I would even consider having her as my full time doctor if I could!

  27. End of Session Survey Response

    Gas was great!! Everything went well. 30 min goes by really fast though.

  28. End of Session Survey Response

    Ms. Burress provided extremely useful information and helped answer all of my questions. The meeting has significantly decreased my stress going into my IFC.

  29. End of Session Survey Response

    Tigger answered all of my questions and made me feel significantly more comfortable about moving forward with the process and getting through the hurdles of MEPS and FC1! I sleep easier at night now that my concerns have been addressed. I got conflicting information from the recruiter, the Internet, and USAF/ANG veterans, so getting a straight answer from an expert was exactly what I needed. I never could have gotten face time with an expert at Tigger’s level without BogiDope! Thanks so much! Totally worth peace of mind!

  30. End of Session Survey Response

    My consultation with Frances “Tigger” Burress was a huge weight off of my shoulders! Even if you don’t hear that you’re in the “all-clear”, the consultation is still a great way to start putting together a plan for any potential waivers you may need and what medical documents to start collecting.

  31. Kevin Jerde

    The military medical system can be pretty stressful, especially in flying career fields. I found Doc Baffic to be very knowledgeable and helpful at answering my questions so that I could be sure I was setting myself up for success at MEPS.

  32. F-35 UPT Selectee

    Gas was fantastic! It was a great call and great conversation! I definitely learned a lot and he was very helpful. He is a great guy! And I’m now confident I shouldn’t have any medical issues.

  33. KS2

    Thank you for getting me on the list with Dr. Althoff as soon as it was available. Helped out a bunch as I am currently working with my Squadron Commander to get a letter from him submitted with the rest of my waiver package before the review board finishes going through my files. It will be one more thing in the toolbox to help out with their decision.

    I can’t say enough good things about the conversation and recommendations I was able to get from Dr. Althoff. Its easy to tell that he has a passion to help people, and he certainly understands the process to help put you at ease. I feel I can say that anyone who finds themselves in a similar waiver situation will 100% benefit or have some positive take away from speaking with Dr. Althoff. This is especially helpful for ‘off the street’ guys or gals like myself who don’t know all the ins and outs. I can say that earlier on I used a similar service that is primarily for commercial pilots, although it was helpful, I felt like I was more of number to the other caller. It did not feel like that at all with this call…

    As a whole, the process was very easy, and I really only have good things to say. Being able to submit my documents ahead of time and give him a quick update prior to the conversation I felt was very beneficial. Makes it much more efficient while on the phone/zoom so you can take advantage of the time and know what topics to hit on. I think this service will be widely beneficial and hope that any candidate struggling through this part of the process takes advantage.

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