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  • 45 min Zoom Call
  • Get Answers to General Questions
  • Set a Tailored Strategy to Achieve Your Career Goals

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Do you have questions about how to earn a pilot slot in the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve?  Are you tired of endless Google searches without finding a credible answer to your unique questions, goals, or circumstances?  Do you want to get an honest assessment of your competitiveness and map out a strategy tailored specifically to help achieve your aviation career goals?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, the BogiDope General Strategy Session is the perfect place to start!  Speaking to one of our BogiDope coaches could save you countless hours searching various topics online and get you the answers you’re looking for.

The BogiDope coaching staff provides a diverse blend of experience: fighters, heavies, airlines, Guard, Reserve, active duty, recent UPT graduates, retired commanders, etc.  Chances are that if you have a question, our staff will be able to answer it.  It’s a small investment with a big payoff!

Note: The General Strategy Session does not include application review or interview prep.  If you seek specific application review or interview prep, please use the respective eCourses and tailored 1-on-1 packages.

How the General Strategy Session Works:

  1. Purchase the General Strategy Session Here
  2. Schedule the Coach/Date/Time of Your Choosing
  3. Go Over Your Questions With Your Coach on a 45′ Video Call


  1. End of Session Survey Response

    Was the coach prepared? John was awesome, and I was quite impressed with how aware he was of my circumstances he was from the information that I provided in the scheduling questionnaire. I have shown up to second and third job interviews where the interviewer knew less about me than John did, so I was almost taken aback by how seriously he seemed to take understanding my situation and my goals.

    Time allotted – Interestingly enough, I actually thought that 30 minutes was sufficient (and actually cut my time short because I had asked everything I wanted to ask). I understand it may be too difficult, but I would actually prefer cheaper 30 minute calls which would enable me to provide updates, ask any additional questions, and get more specific advice at several points throughout the long and arduous process of applying to units.

    Things to improve – Completely and totally nitpicking (but from what I understand, that’s what debriefs are for), but the confirmation email for the general strategy session had a bit in there about replying to the email to tell the coach exactly what I wanted to focus on, though I had just filled out a questionnaire with that information, so I wasn’t sure if the information in the questionnaire was lost in the ether. However, I was hesitant to reach out directly because I understand that John is incredibly busy and I didn’t want to unnecessarily inundate him with more emails. As I said, an incredibly small detail, but something that I did spend some time debating because the process wasn’t crystal clear.

    Overall – I legitimately couldn’t believe that I was actually talking to a fighter pilot for a second at the beginning, because it is just such an amazing opportunity to be able to go directly to such a knowledgable source for a process as difficult as this. There are dozens of moving parts that take place over years, so having this avenue to remove any guesswork and ensure that you are consistently focusing your efforts on the most pressing items that may be preventing you from a dream job is just an unbelievable resource.

    BogiDope is such an unbelievably valuable resource, and after my short interaction with John (and listening to many of the webinars), I will undoubtedly be purchasing more 1-on-1 classes as I begin checking off some of the boxes on this journey. I honestly likely wouldn’t have the confidence to attempt this career path without the guidance and wisdom that I have received from the BogiDope ecosystem so far, and I’m just getting started with my membership.

  2. Nick

    The man, the myth, the legend Husky was a rockstar from the moment our session started until (I’d assume) well after. He was personable and professional and incredibly knowledgeable. He came very prepared and had clearly reviewed and put serious thought into the input I provided before the session. I’m very grateful to him and to BogiDope for the excellent service provided and highly recommend chatting with him if you need some guidance. Thanks, Husky!

  3. End of Session Survey Response

    Very thorough and insightful session, vastly more valuable than any amount of research I could have done on my own.

  4. End of Session Survey Response

    Extremely helpful. I now feel like I’m on the right track.

    Thank you so much for this. Alex was phenomenal and I’m now miles ahead of where I was a few weeks ago.

  5. End of Session Survey Response

    Nikki Bodie has been amazing from the start in providing a clear goal and path for me whilst helping me better understand what would be the most optimal path to take!

  6. End of Session Survey Response

    Nikki was awesome and very helpful! For me, she was the perfect person to talk to. Provided a TON of useful feedback and offered further instruction going forward. We went a little over due to all of the information I was getting and Nikki made sure that she answered all my questions properly and fully. I have already recommended to a friend! A hundred bucks seemed steep but the information was priceless!

  7. End of Session Survey Response

    Highly recommend anyone who wants to be an aviator to schedule a session with BogiDope. Not only did I recieve the answers I needed to fill in some gaps but I got some great personalized advice from SMAX to get me going in the right direction. You won’t find that from an article, a recruiter, or anyone in the military who isn’t/wasn’t an aviator.

  8. End of Session Survey Response

    Priceless resource, the best kept secret for aspiring aviators or those looking for an industry transition within the service, a collection of experts like this is a true gem, so happy to find this level of support and mentorship in my process!

  9. End of Session Survey Review

    I want to grow up and be Wyatt! He was super knowledgeable and willing to share his honest opinions and experiences with me on his active duty and now ANG career, comparing and contrasting the two! He was happy to answer all of my questions! Appreciate the gouge! Thanks, Wyatt!

  10. End of Session Survey Response

    I like that this service exists. It is something I wish I was aware about a few years ago as I started this process. For someone that doesn’t have connections or points of contact in the bases they’d like to apply, this really helps how to approach and present yourself.

    Nikki definitely is a subject matter expert and super thankful I chose her for the general strategy meeting. She helped fine tune the information I should present in applying for guard/reserve slots.

  11. End of Session Survey Response

    I highly recommend using Bogidope. Nick Krygowski was able to provide a lot of great insights and advice.

  12. End of Session Survey Response

    Niiki was extremely knowledgeable about the process. I am very happy with the consulting service as it stands, no need to change anything.

  13. End of Session Survey Response

    Alex is very patient, friendly, yet professional. Not only was he on-time, we were able to confirm our session time slot before-hand. Alex is very knowledgeable, app process and his experiences/expertise. He gave his honest input and suggestions, which allowed me to confirm what I currently had or incorporate new insights. Alex was patient and answered all of my questions, not only in regards to the application process, but also some personal-interest questions related to the career field(s) and was able to provide me with his honest take on his experiences; he didn’t mind going a little over the allotted time to fully answer my additional questions. It is great to connect with someone with direct experiences in the exact field that I am trying to get into, given interesting “age waiver” hurdles. He had both manned and unmanned pilot experiences, which helped to going insight into both during one session — same goes for the Active Duty experiences and ANG/Reserve experiences. Overall a very positive experience. I have purchased the app/interview combo package, to move forward with additional help. I would highly recommend! Thank you!

  14. End of Session Survey Response

    Dük was the right person to answer my questions, as he has walked the path I wish to take into my military career. I really appreciated the fact that I was able to select from a list of coaches with various backgrounds in order to talk with someone that best fits my “dream sheet” scenario.

    I think it was enough time to discuss my situation. Someone with more questions about the UPT process may need an additional session.

    It was everything I hoped for, and I took away 2-3 pages of notes of ideas to improve my resume and test scores.

    Thanks to the Bogidope team! I hope to be working with you again for interview prep soon!

  15. End of Session Survey Response

    Alex was excellent and went above an beyond my expectations. Would of liked a bit more time, closer to an hour. I look forward to doing business in the future I will be a returning customer.

  16. End of Session Survey Response

    Jeff was super real and made me feel very comfortable.

  17. End of Session Survey Response

    It was great. Love the service that you are providing!

  18. End of Session Survey Response

    Thank you Sic and Team BogiDope for all your help so far. I am looking forward to the working through the rest of the application process with your help!

    Sic was flexible and was able to spend some extra time with me making sure we got to go over everything. I feel so much better about this process now after having the chance to talk about it.

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