INTERVIEW PREP PACKAGE (eCourse + 1-on-1’s)

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  • Two 1-on-1 Interview Preps via Zoom with a BogiDope Coach ($258 value)
  • Immediate and Lifetime Access to the Interview Prep eCourse ($169 value)
  • 75 mins of video instruction
  • 30+ eCourse Lessons of Interview Advice and Example Answers
  • BogiDope Interview Question Bank

Think of all the hard work you’ve already put in throughout your journey to land your dream interview.  Regardless of if you are applying to UPT or a rated board, the college exams, AFOQT, flight time, upgrades, deployments, resumes, cover letters, networking, etc. add up to a lot of time, effort, and money.  This interview is the final hurdle standing between you and a life-altering multi-million-dollar career change, family stability, and/or that dream aircraft or location.  No pressure, right?

With so much to gain, is this really the time to wing it?  Of course not, yet many still try – and fail.  This will likely be the only hiring board that particular squadron has this year.  You can’t afford to squander your chances by a lack of preparation.

Let our expert staff help you make the most of your limited time in front of the hiring board.  With years of experience on both sides of the UPT and rated interview table in fighters, heavies, and airlines, we will set you up with a BogiDope Coach that best understands your personal goals.  Once assigned, your coach will guide you through the entire process, ensure all your questions are answered, and ultimately send you off to the interview more confident and prepared than ever before.

How the 1-on-1 Interview Prep Works:

  1. Interview Prep eCourse (self-study) – This course provides the foundation of all of the interview “best practices.”  It is packed with 30 lessons that will guide you through straight-to-the-point actionable advice on all the do’s, don’ts, and how-tos for knocking the interview out of the park.  This, along with the BogiDope Interview Question Bank (225 of the most commonly asked questions), will set your foundation for getting the most out of your 1-on-1 consultations.
  2. Schedule the Coach/Date/Time of Your Choosing 
  3. 1-on-1 Preliminary Mock Interview (60 mins) – We’ll start by ensuring you understand the basic concepts and form strategies for answering even the toughest questions relative to your unique strengths.  We’ll then spend the rest of the time evaluating your responses to the most common interview questions.  We ask a question, you answer, then we spend a few minutes providing actionable feedback on that answer before moving on to the next one.
  4. 1-on-1 Advanced Mock Interview (60 mins) – This is the practice game before the Super Bowl.  We’ll customize the questions we ask to the squadron you’re interviewing with and then critique each answer.  By the time you’re finished, you’ll feel significantly more confident and prepared for the real thing.

The BogiDope Interview Prep eCourse Covers:

  1. What to Expect at the Interview
  2. How to Avoid Common Pitfalls
  3. Nonverbal Communication
  4. What to Wear & Bring With You
  5. How to Structure Your Answers
  6. Video and Phone Interview Specifics
  7. Sample Answers to the Most Common Questions
  8. How to Rush a Squadron
  9. How to Handle Waivers and Skeletons in Your Closet
  10. Rated Pilot Specifics
  11. 200+ of the Most Common UPT and Rated Interview Questions


1 review for INTERVIEW PREP PACKAGE (eCourse + 1-on-1’s)

  1. Jeremy Hicks

    I worked with Biggs, and I would *highly* recommend him, and this entire program in general. I was one of the candidates getting a bit long in the tooth age-wise, but a benefit of that is a lot of civilian work experience, especially with interviewing. While, in general, I feel like communication is one of my stronger skill sets, this course taught me how to take that skill set not just to the next level, but up multiple levels (read: I wasn’t nearly as polished as I thought I was). I left my interview feeling confident–I kid you not: I did multiple fist pumps in their bathroom mirror afterwards to release the excitement and energy–and I was blessed to end up getting a true dream slot with a unit and mission I love. I couldn’t have done it without this course.

    The key things I want to drive home are these:

    1. If you want to be a pilot, odds are, you’ve already spent several thousands of dollars in flight training and such. And as a Guard or Reserve applicant, you’re likely going to spend $10K+ on working through your PPL, traveling to rush units, mailing packages, traveling to interview, etc. Some of the best advice I’ve received is–in business and in leisure–don’t balk in the margins. What that means is, if you’re already spending $10k+ on something, what’s another $300 towards your life’s dream? I say all of that to say, DON’T LET THE PRICE TAG GIVE YOU PAUSE. BUY THIS. PERIOD. The value of the online content paired with the mock interviews is worth multiples more than what they’re charging.

    2. You may be tempted to skip the online content and just focus on the interviews–DON’T. Read through *all* of it. I referenced it before and after my actual mock interviews and it’s great content that will really help you hone in your interview craft. You may only get one shot at an interview, and you’ve already paid for the content at this point, so you may as well get the most out of it!

    3. The way they help you take your lift experiences and coach you on how to tie those into strengths, and to give quality, engaging answers is ::chef’s kiss::. I’ll leave it at that–I don’t want to encroach into trade secret territory and giving away their content for free–but *this* is the aspect I felt takes you to another planet. Biggs coached me through this, helped me choose quality stories, and helped me understand how those not only answer questions but help me show I could be of value/a good fit with the unit, too.

    If you’re a Guard/Reserve candidate and you’re reading this and you’ve got an interview coming up, just buy this service. Period. It will be some of the best money you’ve ever spent, I promise you.

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