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Pilot slots are extremely competitive.  Your application directly affects your chances to get an interview, and your interview directly affects your chances of getting the job offer.  The Combo Package combines our two most popular services (Application Review + Interview Prep) into one reduced price (save over $100!) to ensure you are prepared for both!  Let one of our experienced BogiDope Coaches guide you through the entire process from the first draft of your resume to a mock interview at your dream squadron.

Application Prep Package 

  • Two 60′ 1-on-1 Application Reviews via Zoom with a BogiDope Coach
  • Immediate and Lifetime Access to the Application Prep eCourse
  • 40+ eCourse Lessons of Actionable Advice, Examples, and Templates
  • Detailed Resume & Cover Letter Creation Guide (tailored for both UPT and rated applicants)

Interview Prep Package 

  • Two 60′ 1-on-1 Interview Preps via Zoom with a BogiDope Coach
  • Immediate and Lifetime Access to the Interview Prep eCourse
  • 75 mins of video instruction
  • 30+ eCourse Lessons of Interview Advice and Example Answers
  • BogiDope Interview Question Bank

That’s 4 hours of 1-on-1 consulting and over 70 eCourse lessons of actionable advice, examples, and templates to use!  How serious are you about achieving your goal?  This application/interview process is a major hurdle standing between you and a life-altering multi-million-dollar career change, family stability, and/or that dream aircraft or location.  The opportunity is too big to just wing it.  Let one of our BogiDope Coaches assist in making that dream a reality!

1 review for COMBO PACKAGE (App & Interview Prep)

  1. Anonymous

    BogiDope’s combo package is an amazing investment in your future as an AFR/ANG Pilot. I watched my application package transform into one that stood out amongst hundreds of others, landing me an interview with my dream squadron. The eCourses are designed professionally and efficiently. Each section was packed with great tips and advice from experts who know exactly what units look for in an applicant. It is designed by pilots who have been through the process themselves, sat on interview boards, and understand what it takes to succeed. I had the opportunity to work with D.J. Spisso on both my app & interview prep. D.J. offered advice & guidance that I would not have been able to receive on my own. The interview prep included great information about what to expect, how to answer tough questions, and how to succeed. D.J. helped to work with me to figure out my strengths and how to present myself in the interview. By using the BogiDope Combo Package, I was able to land my dream pilot slot on the first try. I recommend to anyone who wants this opportunity, to make the investment in your future with the help of BogiDope!

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