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  • 1 Hour of 1-on-1 Application Review via Video Call

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Pilot slots are extremely competitive, and your application directly affects your chances of getting an interview.  Without an interview, you’ll never be hired, so you need to stand out from the pack – but in a good way.  Too often, applicants stand out for all the wrong reasons: incomplete paperwork, spelling/grammar errors, incoherent cover letters, and unorganized resumes.  The one thing that all of these ill-fated applicants have in common is the belief that their applications were perfect when they were submitted.

This application is a major hurdle standing between you and a life-altering multi-million-dollar career change, family stability, and/or that dream aircraft or location.  The opportunity is too big to wing it.  Let one of our BogiDope Coaches be your professional second set of eyes and application mentor.

Send us your entire application package, and we’ll review everything line-by-line before our first 1-on-1 consultation.  We’ll help you edit, organize, and articulate your background to make your strengths and experience jump off the page.  Additionally, we’ll give you our honest feedback on your current competitiveness and highlight any areas for improvement.

You’ve worked hard to fill your application with impressive credentials.  Our job is to help make sure the hiring board notices so you can start filling your calendar with interview invitations!

How the 1-on-1 Application Reviews Work:

  1. Schedule the Coach/Date/Time of Your Choosing
  2. Send Any/All Pieces of Your App You Want to Review 24hrs Before Call
  3. Review/Edit Your Initial Draft Line-by-Line During a 60′ 1-on-1 Video Call
  4. Make Any Required Edits
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 For Your Next App Review

The BogiDope Application Prep eCourse (sold separately) Covers:

  1. Why, Where, When, & How You Should Apply
  2. How to Stand Out From the Crowd
  3. How to Rush a Squadron
  4. How to Create a World-Class Resume and Cover Letter
  5. Civilian Flight Training, College GPA, AFOQT, and TBAS Strategies for UPT Applicants
  6. Letters of Recommendation and Reference Lists
  7. Headshots & Video Applications
  8. Social Media
  9. Waivers

6 reviews for 1 HOUR APP REVIEW

  1. End of Session Survey Response

    Chris was great. I went into this course questioning if I would get my moneys worth out of it, and Chris exceeded my expectations. I even told Chris that I would pay for the interview prep at that moment because I was very happy with the application 1on1.

  2. End of Session Survey Response

    Meeting with Chris was very helpful, we covered everything I wanted to cover, and his input was great. The first meeting had the most progress, but after the two meetings I feel that my application is much stronger.

  3. End of Session Survey Response

    What I found the most helpful and insightful was getting the viewpoint of someone who has looked at applications as a member of a hiring board. It changed my view on some things, and helped me identify what to highlight and what is not important. He caught some grammatical mistakes, recommended changes to formatting and things that should be highlighted that I did not include, as well as things I included that are not harmful, but also not very beneficial. Like focusing on manned aviation only, and not including much about my unmanned aviation background.

    Getting insight into what members of a hiring board are generally looking for was incredibly helpful to me. Chris made a lot of great recommendations and explained his reasoning.

  4. End of Session Survey Response

    CHAOS is bro! Felt a lot more confident about my resume and cover letter after he inked it up.

  5. Unknown Member

    My application review session with Chaos was a game-changer. He provided some great feedback on my package and pushed me one step closer to landing my dream job.

  6. Eileen

    I purchased the 1 Hour Interview Prep Add-On and chose to work with D.J. as I was prepping for a C-130 interview. I found this to be incredibly helpful. D.J. was awesome to work with. He gave me his undivided attention and even worked with my tight deadline. As a C-130 pilot himself, D.J. was able to provide insight to the perspective the hiring board would have and what they were trying to determine with each question. D.J.’s coaching style was the perfect balance of honest/critical and encouraging. After 2 sessions with him, I felt confident and prepared for my interview and was hired by a C-130 unit! This session was not only worth every penny, but an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I cannot recommend these sessions enough and, more specifically, D.J. as a coach. I would give this service 10 stars if I could. THANK YOU BOGIDOPE AND D.J.!

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