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  • 75 Minutes of Video Instruction
  • 30 Lessons of Interview Advice and Example Answers
  • Immediate and Lifetime Access to the Course Material
  • BogiDope Interview Question Bank




Think of all the hard work you’ve already put in throughout your journey to land your dream interview.  Regardless of if you are applying to UPT or a rated board, the college exams, AFOQT, flight time, upgrades, deployments, resumes, cover letters, networking, etc. add up to a lot of time, effort, and money.  This interview is the final hurdle standing between you and a life-altering multi-million-dollar career change, family stability, and/or that dream aircraft or location.  No pressure, right?

With so much to gain, is this really the time to wing it?  Of course not, yet many still try – and fail.  This will likely be the only hiring board that particular squadron has this year.  You can’t afford to squander your chances by a lack of preparation.

Let us help you make the most of your limited time in front of the hiring board.  This course provides the foundation of all of the interview “best practices” compiled by years of experience on both sides of the UPT and rated interview table in fighters, heavies, and airlines.   It is packed with 30 lessons that will guide you through the entire process, ensure you’re optimizing your unique selling points, and ultimately send you off to the interview more confident and prepared than ever before.

The BogiDope Interview Prep eCourse Covers:

  1. What to Expect at the Interview
  2. How to Avoid Common Pitfalls
  3. Nonverbal Communication
  4. What to Wear & Bring With You
  5. How to Structure Your Answers
  6. Video and Phone Interview Specifics
  7. Sample Answers to the Most Common Questions
  8. How to Rush a Squadron
  9. How to Handle Waivers and Skeletons in Your Closet
  10. Rated Pilot Specifics
  11. 200 of the Most Common UPT and Rated Interview Questions

By purchasing the Interview Prep eCourse, you will gain immediate and lifetime access to the course and are eligible to sign up for our 1-on-1 Interview Prep services (sold separately).


  1. End of Course Survey Response

    Every question I was asked in my board interview was in the question bank.

  2. End of Course Survey Response

    The course is laid out very well, and really lends itself to understand and retaining the knowledge with its short sections and video/text format.

  3. Anonymous

    I definitely understand that you have to have somewhat generic content since you’re providing it for civilian -> UPT, prior service -> UPT and Rated, but it would be nice to see more examples for each. Sometimes the example was not helpful at all since it covered someone with prior service and I am civilian only. Overall though it’s great!

  4. Anonymous

    Very in depth and helped me answer anything that came up, even if it wasn’t word for word. When I went into my interview nothing caught me off guard.

  5. End of Course Survey Response

    Flow was great – appreciated that it covered the entire process

  6. End of Course Survey Response

    Extremely informative, and very applicable to interviews/similar social interactions in general – A lot of the non-verbal advice was invaluable.

    Something I would’ve found useful would have been in the “what not to say” section. As the Interview Guide said, it’s not a bad thing to disclose that you’ve applied to other squadrons, however, I’ve heard advice that for someone who wants fighters, they should not be afraid to say that they ONLY want to fly fighters, and won’t compromise by considering heavies or other airframes. In fact, I’ve heard that when asked, for example, “would you fly C-130’s?” if the applicant’s answer is anything but “No, I only want fighters” or something along those lines, that the interview board would consider that negatively.

    Also, for the “would you kill someone” questions, I’ve heard to not be wishy-washy here. The answer should always contain a confident call of judgement, and no hesitation to act. A lukewarm “yeah, I guess if I had to…” sort of answer would be viewed negatively.
    Overall, one of my interviewers said basically to try and relax, and not worry too much about about answering the questions precisely – The intent of the questions is often to simply serve as a jumping-off point to get to know the applicant better.

    The questions were organized very logically, and the blue/green questions tailored to prior-military/UPT candidates was very informative. However, I drew a total blank for many of those questions, and didn’t really know how to approach it. Perhaps have a couple of bullets to help get someone started on research for that answer would be helpful. For example, the question “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” might have some bullets like “Flying part-time? full-time? getting 4FLUG or IPUG?”. Overall – great summary of other online resources, and then some.

  7. End of Course Survey Response

    Very comprehensive and everything was expanded on in addition by my BogiDope coach.

    In the interview, every question (besides bespoke to my resume) could be found in the question bank

  8. End of Course Survey Response

    It was spot on. I really appreciated that the content was actionable.

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