Active Duty How-To: Olmsted Scholar

Within the military, there are some opportunities that seem so amazing that they must be too good to be true. I’m excited to tell you about one of those today. We’re going to look at the Olmsted Scholarship – an all-expense-paid 3-year assignment that involves learning a language and then earning a master’s degree in […]

BogiDope, 4 T-38s from Columbus AFB in fingertip formation.

Air Force vs Air National Guard: Initial Aircraft/Location Assignment

I can still remember my first day of pilot training.  The majority of the officers in my 30 person class were recent graduates of the Air Force Academy, while only a few of us represented the Air National Guard (ANG).  If I’m being completely honest, I was little intimidated by how confident those guys seemed. […]

BogiDope, FedEx B-757 on the ramp.

Choosing Your Path—Part Two: Learning to Fly the Civilian Way

In Part One of Choosing Your Path, we explored the benefits and the obligations that come with learning to fly in the military.  Military flying is rewarding, valuable to the nation, and definitely the most economically frugal option available to those who want to turn flying into a career.  But, it isn’t for everyone. Maybe […]