BogiDope, an A-10 Warthog breaks left while deploying a flare.

3 Tips for Determining When to Make the Jump From Active Duty to the Guard/Reserves

Here at BogiDope we are routinely asked, “When should I make the transition from Active Duty to the Guard or Reserves?”  The answer to that question is “it depends;” every pilot’s experience and situation is different.  There are a multitude of different factors that play into the question of timing and you are the person […]

BogiDope, a C-17 comes into land in Hawaii.

5 Tips to Help You Find Your Perfect Guard/Reserve Squadron

Once you have made the decision to exit active duty (AD), the next big decision to make is where and in what capacity you want to continue to serve. For most of us it’s easy: we pick a Guard or Reserve unit close to home or we choose a unit that executes the same mission […]

BogiDope, a C-17 on the ramp.

Drill Weekend Explained

One thing is for sure—whether you are coming to the Guard from Active Duty or “off the street” as a newly hired Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) student, you probably want to know what drill weekend is. While drill weekends in the Guard are different everywhere, as each Wing or Group has the leeway to execute […]