Air Force Career Progression – Officer

We’re going to discuss career progression today. As a former Active Duty pilot, I’ll admit I don’t love this topic. You have to understand: I’m a pilot. I didn’t join the Air Force to sit at a desk pushing paper or sending emails. When I graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2004 and got […]

Air Force Terminology

Joining the Air Force requires a lot of adaptation. One fun and frustrating example of this is learning to “speak Air Force.” When serving in any military unit, you’ll encounter ideas that just have no equivalent expression in regular civilian discourse. Today we’re going to look at several different types of Air Force terminology. The […]

BogiDope, an airmen loads a air-to-air missile prior to takeoff.

The Basics: Understanding Air Force Rank Structure From an ANG Pilot Perspective

There are plenty of charts available online that illustrate the hierarchy of Air Force ranks and the insignias that identify them.  But if you’re a civilian applying for an Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) slot, those charts do little to inform you about the diverse backgrounds of the people who hold those ranks and what their […]