Navy Platforms & Places

In the spirit of this series, the function of this article is to leave the prospective Naval Aviator more informed about just what it is they’re considering getting themselves into. I’m going to go a little more into the platforms that we fly and the places that Naval Aviators live, though I will leave the …

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A Day in the Life

You know, many people consider “A Day in the Life” to be The Beatles greatest work? I, personally, struggle to agree with that… Don’t get me wrong! It’s got some GREAT moments. Some of the most vintage Beatles-moments ever put to record, frankly. But I think that the song, at times, can seem a bit …

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Where Do You Start?

So now you know the different paths you can take to become an Army Aviator. And although figuring out how to join the club isn’t exactly as difficult as finding Narnia, the next logical thing you’d like to know more about is the different gateways to accomplish that goal. Luckily for you, Army Aviation is …

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