Military vs Civilian Career Path, Part 2

Welcome back, fellow aviators! This is the second part of a series about choosing between military and civilian career options. If you haven’t already read Part 1, please do that first. We saw last week that there isn’t a cut and dried answer to say whether the military career path is right for you. Like […]

BogiDope, F-16 executes an afterburner takeoff for Red Flag

When Should You Apply to an Airline?

If you desire a job with the airlines, the time to apply is NOW.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week.  Do it right now!  As you’ll discover once you are employed by an airline, timing is everything. Of course, there are always complications that dictate the timing of your application to the airlines.  This is doubly […]

BogiDope, F-15E fly by

The Airline Hiring Boom: A Perfect Storm of Circumstances

The airline pilot hiring boom is on!  We are in the midst of the largest hiring cycle that the airline industry has seen since the 1960s, and it’s just getting started.  The concept of a pilot shortage used to be the stuff of legend, a fanciful notion conjured up in the dark corners of internet […]

BogiDope, F-22 rejoin on a tanker, air refueling

Seniority Is Like Compounding Interest

More than any other career field, seniority is the master of your destiny when you are a pilot for an airline: your schedule, the equipment you fly, the quality of your trips, pay, retirement and vacation—they are all based on the concept of seniority. It is a bit of a Darwinian scheme; as your seniority […]