Filling My Furlough Camel Hump

Network, As the COVID-19 crisis continues to drag on, I can’t help asking my crystal ball how things are going to shake out. We’ve seen some regionals fold, and I’ve heard of others already starting furloughs. The government came up with a stimulus package that will protect some airline pilots through the end of September, […]

Side Hustles Part 3 – Icon Adventure

Networkers, feast your eyes: Gorgeous, isn’t it? Now, wipe the drool before your spouse or significant other catches you checking it out. This is not my airplane, but I did get to spend 22 hours (over the course of a few days) flying it from the factory in Vacaville, CA to its new owner in […]

Side Hustles, Part 2: Making Your Own Stars Align

I recently wrote a post aimed at helping baby pilots understand why experience is so important in our profession. ( I wrote that post because I’ve observed many young pilots trying to cut corners and rush their career development. Sorry, but it just doesn’t work that way. This post is geared toward those young pilots, but […]


I have a confession to make: I have three jobs. Well, maybe four. At least that’s how my wife words it. The thing is, I feel like this is the least work I’ve ever done in my life. A few times a month, I catch a ride up to KATL and from there blast off […]