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What’s an EWO?

EWO (Electronic Warfare Officer)

Freaks and Geeks? Not so fast. While not physically kinetic, if you’re down to take the fight to the enemy on the electromagnetic spectrum, the beeps and squeaks of an EWO gig may be what you’re looking for. EWOs are the guys and gals that work defensive systems to keep aircraft safe from enemy surface-to-air systems; or they can disrupt enemy anti-aircraft and Command and Control equipment. They will spend time detecting and responding to such threats, while at other times radar jamming like a high-tech Marley fan. They serve a critical role in bringing the fight to the bad guys in modern warfare and bringing the aircraft and crew home safely.

Photo Credit: vikidia

EWO aircraft include: B-52s, E-8s, AC-130s and MC-130s. Additionally, a handful of EWOs manage to land an EF-18G spot flying with the Navy. While it’s a possibility, recognize that these opportunities are extremely few and far between and, thus, difficult to get. Like winning the lottery because lightning struck your pot of gold.