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Rotary Pilots

U.S. Army AH-64 Apache helicopter crews, assigned to 16th Combat Aviation Brigade, 7th Infantry Division, land at Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii, Jan. 6, 2016 (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Daniel Johnson)

There was once a time when rotary pilots had a very difficult time getting hired by the major airlines. Fortunately, that has changed over the years, especially as airlines have realized the major mistake of passing up these experienced aviators. And really, at this point, airlines don’t have an option…they are so far behind the power curve of hiring pilots to replace those retiring that they have no problem hiring those with less fixed-wing time. The path for rotary pilots is, in many ways, similar to their fixed-wing counterparts, but there are some key differences.

Our friends at Rotary to Airline Group (RTAG) have tons of resources available for all military aviators, but especially rotary pilots. They have a huge social media following that can assist in any way imaginable. They also hold an annual convention and job fair that is very well-attended by all types of military pilots. To learn more about RTAG, visit their website at https://www.rtag.org. Ultimately, a background in rotary aircraft is no longer a major setback, which is great news for many, many military pilots!