We hope that this eCourse has provided you with some great tools and resources to get you started on your aviation journey and to help you continue your path to your dream career.

As we stated in the beginning, a successful flight starts on the ground with proper planning and gathering resources that are pertinent to your flight path and destination. Once airborne, it is also important to involve your crew and outside agencies to stay plugged-in and have constant updates on information that affects the status of the flight such as weather, NOTAM changes, airport closures, etc.

Like any flight, we plan for the best and chart our courses to make sure we avoid delays and known threats. However, life – like any flight – can sometimes give us unexpected turbulence, delays and diversions. When those things happen, it is imperative that you have the knowledge, skill, resilience, as well as a great support network and an excellent crew, to help you handle the situation and land safely. Enjoy each leg of the flight that is life. Arm yourself with knowledge, resources and the proper tools. Find your crew and enjoy the journey!

Please be sure to check back periodically because this eCourse will be continuously updated with new resources, tools, scholarships, and other important information as it comes available.


Blue skies and tailwinds,

Nikki and the BogiDope Team