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When applying for scholarships, be mindful that some scholarship committees will elect to remove any identifying information of applicants from the scholarship application while others will not.  Typically, the Committee Chairman or another member of the scholarship committee will sort through the applications and remove the names of the applicants before passing them along to the review team for scoring. This is done in order to guard against unintentional bias. However, some scholarship committees elect to leave the names of the applicant on the application where it is visible to the scholarship committee review team.

Since there is no way of knowing how your scholarship application will be reviewed and because it is a great rule to live by, make sure your social media presence is professional and expect that the scholarship review team will view your social media accounts. After all, they want to ensure that the winner will reflect well on the organization and what they represent.

For a deeper dive into social media best practices and how to leverage it for networking and other endeavors, see the lesson titled Social Media.