If you are an aspiring aviator, new to aviation or a seasoned pilot, podcasts and webinars are highly informative and entertaining ways to stay up-to-date and educated on the aviation industry.

BogiDope – along with all of the other services offered by BogiDope, we also host regular webinars that cover topics from networking and scholarships to career progression and military pathways. The webinars are free and are advertised on the BogiDope Facebook page, Instagram page and LinkedIn. 

Raven Career Development – sets itself apart from other career services because they pride themselves on the relationship they build with clients. They are focused on learning about you: your current employment status, career goals, cultural expectations, desired quality-of-life and salary requirements. With a picture of your career goals, they develop a road map to transition you from your current position to your final destination. They also offer weekly aviation updates to all clients, as well as informative webinars and podcasts! Click here to check out their webinars and podcasts!

21.Five Podcast – There is a lot in a name and according to the hosts of 21.Five Podcast, Dylan and Max, “21.Five refers to the emergency frequency, 121.5 – a place where pilots go for assistance or to lend a hand to a fellow airman in need…and, of course, get a laugh at the guard police and meows.” They use their diverse aviation backgrounds to deliver on just that- lending a hand and providing laughs. Tune in at www.21fivepodcast.com

Pathway to Wings Podcast – “The Pathway to Wings” is Air Force Recruiting Service Detachment 1’s official podcast. This podcast is designed for those looking to become Air Force aviators and is hosted by current Air Force aviators. This podcast strives to inform, influence and inspire our future leaders by sharing real stories and experiences of what it’s like to fly and the process it took to get there. For a direct link click here or find them on Apple Podcasts.

The Fighter Pilot Podcast – Vincent Aiello, callsign “Jell-O,” created this podcast to explore the fascinating world of air combat. During retirement, he seeks to stay involved and share combat aviation stories with people like you. Click here to listen.

The Professional Playbook – Justin “Hasard” Lee is a fighter pilot who speaks on human-performance, decision-making and mental-toughness while interviewing world-class experts on their keys to success. Click here to listen. 

The Afterburner Podcast – the goal of The Afterburner Podcast is to interview aviation professionals in order to capture stories, lessons learned and a piece of history. Click here to listen.

The Pilot Network – According to The Pilot Network, “a great network can be the difference between having the career we love or the job we need. For 30,000+ members, The Pilot Network has reconnected old aviation colleagues, provided knowledge in the face of the unknown, and extended the helping hand to those coming up in this booming vocation. If you are a career aviation professional, please join us in one of the fastest-growing networks for professional pilots.” Click here to listen or find them anywhere where podcasts are played.

AOPA – offers many podcasts! “Amazing pilots, great journeys, expert advice. Tune in to AOPA’s dynamic and exciting lineup to learn, grow and engage more as a pilot. Whether a conversation about what it takes to fly a Warbird, lessons learned from bad decisions, or advice on how to buy an airplane, AOPA’s podcast lineup covers it all.” Check them out here. AOPA also offers a lot of informative webinars that discuss NTSB accident investigations, technology, weather, backcountry flying and more. Check them out here.

The Air Up There – is a podcast put out by the FAA “for people who are curious about the wide world of aviation. Join the FAA as they nerd out about the future of flight, drones and ways to make the National Airspace System safer, smarter and more efficient.” Click here to listen.

Beyond the Uniform – is a podcast interviewing veterans about their civilian careers and how they got there. It is not aviation related, but it is informative and useful information for military members transitioning out of the military. Click here to listen.

Aviation Careers Podcast – is a podcast by super-experienced pilots who aim to provide information about different paths in aviation and how to pursue your goals in a financially responsible manner. Check out the past and current episodes and other helpful resources here.

These webinars and podcasts are a great starting point and will provide you with countless hours of listening and learning. However, there are countless other great aviation podcasts that are both informative and entertaining! You can find them through social media, search engines and continuing to network!