If you are interested in aviation, there are countless educational resources available to help you in your journey. The internet has made all of the resources more readily available than ever before! So please take advantage of all of the resources offered by BogiDope and other wonderful aviation organizations.

At BogiDope we offer webinars, eCourses, articles and one-on-one coaching to help you land your dream job! Additionally, the organizations that have been discussed throughout the eCourse offer educational resources, scholarships, webinars, conferences and yearly events to connect and learn about aviation. In addition to these organizations, the following resources are available. This is not a comprehensive list but is a list intended to help get you started in utilizing and finding educational resources in aviation.

Other great resources include:

  • Aero Educate – is a free resource filled with age-based activities and clear pathways to aviation and aerospace industry careers where K-12 students can discover and ignite their curiosity in aviation. AeroEducate is a way for students, teachers, parents and EAA chapters to interact with aviation in a whole new way. By signing up for a FREE AeroEducate account, you can find awesome web-based projects, experiments and experiences that can earn points toward progressive AeroEducate Badges for students, teachers and parents.
  • FAA Safety Team, FAAST – was created to lower the Nation’s aviation accident rate by conveying safety principles and practices through training, outreach and education, while establishing partnerships and encouraging the continual growth of a positive safety culture within the aviation community. The Wings program allows pilots to participate in online education, webinars and in-person FAAST Team events.
  • Aerospace Center for Excellence – provides educational YouTube videos to aspiring aviators and aerospace professionals.
  • AFRS Detachment 1 – is an Air Force Recruiting program that offers many great resources through YouTube channels, social media and other platforms.
  • EAA Proficiency 365 – Improve your flying, proficiency and safety with the online hub of EAA resources, programs and exclusive member benefits that can help you stay active in year-round activities to advance your flying proficiency, improve your safety and help you contribute to your aviation community
  • Aviore– Aviore is an aviation superhero comic created by EAA to help educate kids on aviation and STEM activities. The interactive website allows kids to learn about aviation through activities, flight simulators, comic adventures and other tools.
  • EAA Virtual Flight Academy– Learn and practice flying by combining the power of games, artificial intelligence and data analytics, with a new virtual flight instructor. Whether it’s your first flight or your 500th, EAA understands what it takes to maximize your safe enjoyment in the cockpit and build proficiency. The new virtual instructor makes it possible to master flight maneuvers on your own before stepping into the cockpit. By making aviation training accessible, measurable, repeatable and fun, EAA aims to have a dramatic effect on the aviation industry through outreach, education and training. Let EAA’s virtual flight instructor demonstrate, offer feedback and score each lesson scenario using test standards established under the FAA ACS for private pilots.
  • Commemorative Air Force Rise Above – The education department of the CAF are dedicated to helping inspire future generations of aviators by honoring the pioneer aviators of the past.  They provide interactive videos, PowerPoint’s, classroom activities, workbooks and a wealth of other material about the Tuskegee Airmen and the WASP. These resources are great for parents and teachers to help students learn about the past and how to ‘Triumph over Adversity.”
  • Boeing Educational Resources – Boeing offers aviation, aerospace and engineering educational resources for parents, teachers and students in the form of design challenges, video and interactive activities, lesson plans, and a program called Above and Beyond which is an interactive, hands-on exhibition for kids that explores the wonder of flight and the marvels of aerospace innovation, design and technology.
  • NASA STEM Engagement– seeks to delivers tools for students and educators to learn and succeed by creating unique opportunities and engagement in STEM through workbooks, apps, podcasts, eBooks and more. 
  • National Coalition for Aviation and Space Education – a compilation of aviation and space educational resources.
  • AOPA Educational Resources for Student Pilots – a compilation of resources for the student pilot.
  • Pilot Pipeline – knows that navigating the aviation industry can be a nightmare. To help streamline the process and stop you from spending hours on the web reading thousands of pages of regulatory requirements, browsing hundreds of training providers and applying to countless employment opportunities, they created a software program that consolidates all of the relevant information in a centralized location while calculating the time, cost and earnings of each step. What’s even better? Once you make a decision on your desired path, their Timeline Assistant will tell you everything that you need to do and when to do it.
  • Live ATC – if you or your aviation-obsessed student is interested in learning how to communicate on the radios, there is no better way to practice than by listening to Live ATC.
  • World Aviation News – aviation news from around the world including campaign pages that allow you to target news from specific subsectors of aviation (business, airline, cargo, etc) and individual locations throughout the world. Most of the information is in video format and highly informative.
  • Free Pilot Training – YouTube channel with free pilot training ground school for aspiring aviators and pilots who need to refresh their ground knowledge.