Flying Opportunities in the Air Force Reserve

Whether you are currently active duty in the Air Force, a sister service, or you have never flown a plane before, there are flying opportunities for you in the Air Force Reserve (AFR). The Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Undergraduate Flying Training (UFT) Guidebook contains a wealth of information about flying the AFR as well as how to apply. Below is a brief summary of the AFR and how to join.

Skeletons in the Closet

BogiDope, B-1 takeoff in afterburner

One of the scariest parts about applying for an airline job are those probing questions that you would rather not answer because you’re afraid the response you provide will sink your chances of getting hired. Hopefully this article will alleviate your fears because the reality is that most of these concerns exist only in your head. There are very few issues that are truly showstoppers with respect to getting hired by the airlines as long as you’re honest and upfront on your application.

Whats Your Status?

BogiDope, a KC-135 refuels two F-16s.

Anyone who is new to the Air National Guard (ANG) can attest to this simple fact, understanding who you work for on any given day is extremely confusing.  Heck, it can be confusing for those that have been in the Guard for several years.  In order to clear up some of that confusion, let's take a look at how different laws affect a Guard member’s duty status, pay and who they ultimately work for while performing their military duty.

Winning UPT - Part 3

BogiDope, a t-38 airborne.

Welcome to Part 3 of Winning UPT, the final part of this series. UPT is such a small part of your flying career but definitely one of the most memorable ones.  The knowledge you gain at UPT will propel you through a career in the Air Force and for many a life long career in the aviation industry.  Preparation starts now by acting on the advice you have found in this article series.  BogiDope is here to help, so contact us with any questions you might have and take advantage of the great consulting resources available to help land your dream job.

Winning UPT - Part 2

Welcome back to another article to help you succeed at UPT.  UPT is one of the greatest times in your aviation career, even though it does not feel like it at the time. In Part-1 we discussed how to prepare by emphasizing the importance of general knowledge and chairflying. Part -2 dicusess three new tips to help you out. Let's get started...